Wash, Rinse, Repeat :: Sage & Aloe Soap

Sturdy sage plants renew themselves in my zone four garden each spring. I study their resilience and ability to survive the grueling Montana winter where we frequently spend days, if not weeks, frozen in sub-zero temperatures. I want to be more like these plants, to endure bitter cold and still thrive. I make medicine from them and use them to cook with understanding that if I ask with a pure heart, the sage will impart it’s wisdom to me. It tells me to let go of what no longer serves me so that I can focus on my roots. If I do that, I too will be renewed in spring.

Soothing aloe vera heals and nourishes my skin, but it also serves to protect in a magical sense. Applying it to a fresh wound reminds me of a mother’s kiss attempting to take pain away from my ‘boo boo.’ My mother is gone now and I’m left to nurture and protect myself. Little acts of self care everyday remind me that it’s vital to my whole being to look after myself with maternal devotion. When the children were small my daily care was enfolded into theirs, but when they left home rigorous schedules weren't the only thing that slipped. Self care fell to the bottom of my list, first in the name of freedom, but eventually it just became the standard. Treating myself with the plant medicine I grow is an affirmation of how I’m returning to better routines and deeper attention to my health.

The cleansing power of sage combined with the protective and healing properties of aloe vera blend together to create a powerfully natural antiseptic soap. Lovingly tended in my garden, the sage was intentionally harvested on Lughnasadh. Prolific pots of aloe vera scattered throughout my home offered up their juiciest leaves on a waxing Gemini moon in March. Biodynamic gardening is a way of life for me. The relationship I have with my plants and the earth goes far beyond organic methods. Every action I take or refrain from in the garden is dictated by the moon. Layering intention and magic into planting and reaping is just one of the ways I express my devotion to our mother earth, Pachamama.

My sage and aloe soap was formulated with superfatted coconut oil and blended on a Monday to harness the watery energy of the moon. This hand soap is perfect for cleaning up after any mundane chore, but also excellent for use after doing body or energy work for the metaphysical cleansing and protecting properties of the plant constituents. Earth medicine practitioners know the importance of Cleaning, Clearing and Cleansing. This soap is an excellent tool to assist anyone in that process.

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