• Well Did You Ever Make Colcannon...

    Colcannon (Irish: cál ceannann, meaning "white-headed cabbage") is one of my signature dishes, I am known for it. Friends wait all year to sample this incredible mash prepared lovingly by me every March, 17th. I’m all for a yummy boiled New England dinner (Corned Beef and Cabbage), but I need to get down to truer Irish roots on St. Patrick's Day. The soothing and delicious combination of potatoes, allium and cabbage is so damned good there’s even a song to celebrate it!  Read more... about Well Did You Ever Make Colcannon...

  • Fenell and Citrus Confetti Salad

    Something about citrus season makes me believe in a benevolent universe. During the coldest and darkest months the steady ripening of oranges, lemons, clementines and the like into tiny packets of sunshine serves as the perfect antidote to winter. We paired this salad with a pork shoulder roast encrusted in garlic, rosemary and thyme and a side of perfectly roasted baby potatoes. Oh! And Prosecco. Always Prosecco. A lovely and low key Valentines dinner!  Read more... about Fenell and Citrus Confetti Salad

  • Create Your Own Luscious Legacy

    There is so much more to the Luscious Legacy Project than writing down recipes, but if one finds their inspiration this way then by all means it is more than appropriate. What I discovered is that my memories of certain dishes served as a portal to more flavorful storytelling. I want to preserve my signature dishes in writing, to be sure, but I am more motivated to record the events that inspired their creation in the first place. Read more... about Create Your Own Luscious Legacy

  • CSA Cookalong :: Enter the Greens

     After a long winter fighting off scurvy with trucked in veggies I'm always eager to tuck into my first few bunches of CSA greens, but let me tell you something I've discovered over the years: Salad fatigue is real and staying interested in eating so much of it can be a big challenge a few weeks into the annual CSA. However, it's your lucky day because I am a salad ninja and I'm here to spill some of my secrets.  Read more... about CSA Cookalong :: Enter the Greens

  • "Little Black Dress" Chocolate Cake

    Over the weekend my brand new Facebook page topped 1,000 LIKES and I’m not going to lie, I’m totally over the moon about it. I’d like to welcome all of my new subscribers and sincerely thank each of you for following! This recipe is the "little black dress" of chocolate cakes, it should be in everyone's baking repertoire. Nobody ever believes a cake that tastes this good can be as simple to make as it is, but I promise you this recipe is a total cinch. Read more... about "Little Black Dress" Chocolate Cake

  • Food Philosophy

    It's an exciting time to be a food enthusiast in America. The last decade has seen a gorgeous renaissance in our cultural approach to food. In the pacific northwest locally produced, seasonal produce is de rigeuer for any restaurant worth their salt. Home cooks overwhelmingly take the same approach.  Read more... about Food Philosophy

  • History of a Home Cook Part 1

    Food is integral to our lives, it is necessary for survival, both a blessing and a bane. I was raised by two wonderful cooks, who associated with other wonderful cooks and therefore my culinary experience growing up was rather extraordinary. I admit that as an adult I often still wish I could be the recipient of all of that wonderful cuisine, Read more... about History of a Home Cook Part 1