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An Invincible Summer Within... After All

 I’ve been gardening for a couple of decades now & each year I learn something new on a fundamental level that absolutely blows my mind. Sometimes it’s related to the plants themselves, but more often than not it is the life lessons that keep me coming back to work the plot. This year I had zero of anticipatory buildup to planting. I planned not. If I’m being really honest, I wasn't even sure I was going to plant a garden come May. Read more... about An Invincible Summer Within... After All

CSA Cookalong :: Enter the Greens

 After a long winter fighting off scurvy with trucked in veggies I'm always eager to tuck into my first few bunches of CSA greens, but let me tell you something I've discovered over the years: Salad fatigue is real and staying interested in eating so much of it can be a big challenge a few weeks into the annual CSA. However, it's your lucky day because I am a salad ninja and I'm here to spill some of my secrets.  Read more... about CSA Cookalong :: Enter the Greens

The Wheel Turns :: Ostara

Ushered in on easterly winds, Ostara heralds the spring equinox. Mother earth stirs to life and we awaken, too. This is the astrological new year and wise ones know to plant the seed intentions they've been saving since Imbolc until now. By harnessing the firey energy of Sun in Aries we set the spark of life to that which we wish to plant in our lives, both literally and figuratively. This is the place of the dawn, where all things are possible. We honor innocence and beginnings and are rewarded with fertility and abundance. Witness the power of creation. Read more... about The Wheel Turns :: Ostara

Memory Machine :: Conducting Celebations

Daddy told me there was a gift inside my artichoke. I eagerly savored the leaves in anticipation of the teensy little wrapped box, topped with a golden bow, that I was just SURE would be inside. Instead, I discovered what a delicacy is upon eating my first artichoke heart. The truth is there is no gift as valuable as the precious memory of my father tenderly passing on his love of food to me one taste of hollandaise sauce at a time. Read more... about Memory Machine :: Conducting Celebations

Imbolc ~ Surrender to Devotion

Every midwinter I eagerly await the cross-quarter Celtic holiday, Imbolc. So sweetly do I cherish it's treasured Goddess, Brighid for her promise of springtime and the miracle of her restorative power. She is the magic of white space after the swell of Yuletide has receded. Her presence is announced by the flutter of inspiration in our bellies as we set forth our intentions for the coming year. We sit at her feet while perusing seed catalogs, visioning the future gardens of our souls, as much as any other kind of gardens we can dream of at this time of year. Read more... about Imbolc ~ Surrender to Devotion