Wise Women Conversations :: Navigating Grief with Cathering Beerda Basso

I sat down with my dear friend and Earth Medicine School cohort, Catherine Beerda-Basso for a conversation around the topic of grief to share our thoughts on this important subject and also to illustrate some of the ways we have both navigated loss. Catherine and I have both experienced the deaths of significant loved ones in our life, as well as the loss of hopes and dreams for our lives. For us, shrinking from the pain and avoiding the grieving process wasn't the right choice. Embracing our pain and journeying into recovery wasn't an easy choice either, but one we are committed to as individuals who are here to experience ALL that our human lives offer us. We hope that this conversation will offer you insight if you are looking for guidance and solace if you are grieving. We welcome your thoughts and feelings in the comments below and we are both available for speaking with anyone who is struggling through their own grief right now. The holiday season can be especially challenging for the bereaved so please go gently into the darker days. 

Catherine's Website and Shaenalach Retreats Information: https://www.catherinebeerdabasso.com/


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