Getting Down and Dirty on Instagram

Last week I participated in a very generous online offering called, Liberated Lines :: Amplify. It was an immersion in quick and dirty poetry making paired with pictures. A gorgeous way to greet the unfolding season while honoring the magic of inspiration, this outstanding creativity playground is facilitated by two amazing women who I have come to know and love over the past couple of years through various online groups, including Liberated Lines. Alisha Sommer and Robin E. Sandomirsky are each incredible women in their own right, but something really special happens when they combine their vision together. I love participating in Liberated Lines, it's freeing and messy and fun! It reminds me that creation doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to happen, period. 


Because it is too painful to play small, because I am not and never have been, the fullness of me must bloom.
My comfort depends now on the unfurling of petals drenched in perfume, dipped from the deep well of my dreams.
The heady scent of Rose mixed with sweat dusted with chalk hangs on me like an aura and permeates space.
My muchness cannot be hidden in some closet because the contrast of its light & shadow would betray it, anyway.
I asked for velocity and I got it like a time lapse film of a flower growing I speed into the truest version of myself.


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