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  • Luscious Lilacs, I Love You So!

    The magical properties of lilac are numerous and rely on it's jubilant fragrance to uplift the spirit. From protection to invoking joy the flowers of lilacs have the power to transform gloom into hope. Some even believe they have the ability to drive away ghosts which might be applicable if they're causing trouble, otherwise I think they attract all manner of benevolence, spirits included. I do know for certain they are quite strong and because they peak at Beltane they offer a portal into the world of the fey, who are just beyond the veil at this time of year. I can think of no other offering that is quite as suitable to Flora, the May Queen, herself.  Read more... about Luscious Lilacs, I Love You So!

  • Wash, Rinse, Repeat :: Sage & Aloe Soap

    Sturdy sage plants renew themselves in my zone four garden each spring. I study their resilience and ability to survive the grueling Montana winter where we frequently spend days, if not weeks, frozen in sub-zero temperatures. I want to be more like these plants, to endure bitter cold and still thrive. I make medicine from them and use them to cook with understanding that if I ask with a pure heart, the sage will impart it’s wisdom to me. It tells me to let go of what no longer serves me so that I can focus on my roots. If I do that, I too will be renewed in spring. Read more... about Wash, Rinse, Repeat :: Sage & Aloe Soap

  • Playing with Fire and Ice :: Luminarias

    I was driving yesterday when a CD I hadn't listened to in a few months rotated into pole position. The sunny sounding guitars were woefully out of tune with the winter scene before me. As I was trying to remember how to drive on icy city streets I was struck with a feeling that winter had arrived too quickly this year. That isn't really true, we were blessed with a glorious and lengthy Autumn, but it feels true when enduring the second subzero cold snap inside of a month and it isn't even the winter solstice yet! There is only one sensible thing to do when one lives in a climate like this, embrace it! Playing with the weather has its own unique rewards season to season and Winter offers some of the best fun of the entire year! Read more... about Playing with Fire and Ice :: Luminarias