Inspired By

My brain is FULL and I swear I can feel synapses wiring themselves in there. October was a busy month of learning and thinking. November is shaping up to be a busy month of doing. As will happen when the school year commences I find myself with a little ache in my heart to study again, to improve myself and build something new. This year I listened to that longing and I took the opportunity to enroll in a couple of online courses. I've had the distinct pleasure of doing some very rewarding personal work in Pixie Lighthorse's SouLodge offerings over the past year. I couldn't choose a favorite session, that would be like picking a favorite child, but SouLodge and the community of sisters there have restored me so sweetly. I wanted to find offerings that could do for my mind and my creativity what SouLodge has done for my heart and, well, my soul.

What I found was a synergistic mix of two distinctly different courses that would qualify nicely for my continuing education / professional development "semester." The alluring and multi-faceted Hannah Marcotti's class, Community Grace addressed the relational elements of building online community through intimate elements like showing who we are in selfies and stories,for example. The delightful and enormously talented Andrea Balt's Creative Trouble Making 101 addressed a vast range of information from the highly personal process of crafting "our story" to practical matters of web development. The comprehensive amount of prompts and work-shopping both of these courses offered ran the gamut from technical advice to intuiting strategy. All of it was thought provoking and rewarding, but best of all are the connections made with all of the other participants.

Inspiration means to be filled with spirit and I am feeling it. It was really valuable for me to enter 'student mode' for a short time and compare what I know to what my remarkably smart teachers know. I did learn all kinds of new things and I also had a lot of my professional opinions validated. Overall, I feel like my entire game just leveled up. As I said, November is all about the DOING and I am ready. These two intensive online courses plus my 9-5 job have meant way too much screen time for me lately. This is already an occupational hazard (see 9-5 job) and also something I've known I needed to create a few healthier boundaries around for quite a while. Luckily, during Community Grace I met the entrepreneurial and intrepid Hannah Garrison who is currently leading an online course entitled, Unplug. The class focuses on setting the boundaries we want around the technology we choose. This is exactly what I need so I enrolled. I'm inspired to be online and I'm inspired to get off line, too. It's all about intentions and quality of time. If I'm online I want it to be worth the time I'm taking away from MAKING, MOVING, COOKING, DOING.... So, more 3-D and less Wi-Fi. I mean, come on, that baked, gf penne made with sauce from the last of the season's home grown tomatoes is not going to fix itself!

And while we're on the topic, presently I am also inspired by:  

Autumn 2014, Brought to you by the colors Purple and Gold.

So tell me, what has you feeling enthusiastic this November?