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  • In Memoriam: Clio Catra, Queen of the Wild Frontier

    Warning! Hyperbolic memorial post by crazy cat lady. Do not click unless you want to read a 2000 word essay on the life and death of a most beloved tabby cat! We said goodbye to our Clio kitty two weeks ago. She was named after the muse of history and for a kitten born to a couple of lower north side strays, the story of her life takes her far beyond her humble beginnings on the corner of 4th and 4th north. Clio was a cat who definitely used up her nine lives over 18 amazing years. Read more... about In Memoriam: Clio Catra, Queen of the Wild Frontier

  • An Enduring Love

    Falling in love is largely a chemical reaction, a luscious, glorious, blissful reaction that can last anywhere from 16 to 18 months. Staying in love, however is a conscious choice because once the love drugs have worn off what is revealed is a true prognosis of the relationship. Our bond has grown more nuanced through hard won victories of remaining connected and committed to growing both as individuals and as a couple. Read more... about An Enduring Love

  • Earth Medicine School ~ A Journey To My Own Heart

    I completed my certification just as I was turning 40. Marking that particular milestone in this particular way seems appropriate for someone like me who finally feels old enough to be who I was meant to be. I often joke that I think I must have been born an old woman, but the truth of that statement is that I have been fortunate enough not to lose too much of the wisdom I came here with. I am respectfully heeding the call to be of service to those who would seek me out. I know that there is a need for the assistance I can provide. Read more... about Earth Medicine School ~ A Journey To My Own Heart

  • Every Day is New Year's Day (Happy Holidays, Sort of)

    We’ve arrived in the bleak mid-winter of January and I do not feel compelled to join a gym or become vegan. I feel compelled to be still and eat what nourishes me. I am a witch, I make resolutions each and every dark of the moon. Grand displays of commitment in January usually fizzle out by February and I think it is dangerous to squander one’s hope in such bombastic fashion. Even so, I’m not immune to the intoxicating effects of dreaming of more, faster, better. Read more... about Every Day is New Year's Day (Happy Holidays, Sort of)

  • Memory Machine :: Conducting Celebations

    Daddy told me there was a gift inside my artichoke. I eagerly savored the leaves in anticipation of the teensy little wrapped box, topped with a golden bow, that I was just SURE would be inside. Instead, I discovered what a delicacy is upon eating my first artichoke heart. The truth is there is no gift as valuable as the precious memory of my father tenderly passing on his love of food to me one taste of hollandaise sauce at a time. Read more... about Memory Machine :: Conducting Celebations

  • Inspired By

    I'm inspired to be online and I'm inspired to get off line, too. It's all about intentions and quality of time. If I'm online I want it to be worth the time I'm taking away from MAKING, MOVING, COOKING, DOING.... So, more 3-D and less Wi-Fi. I mean, come on, that baked, gf penne made with sauce from the last of the season's home grown tomatoes is not going to fix itself! Read more... about Inspired By

  • #JoyRide

    Autumn's showy display and golden sunlight nearly knock me out with their beauty on a daily basis. Crisp air and creeping melancholy add mystery to the lengthening evenings. Old cycles come to their conclusion just as flowers on the vine to their fruition. We are between the worlds in October and the transition is magical, indeed. Read more... about #JoyRide