Create Your Own Luscious Legacy

Some say life happens around the table and I believe it. Our memories are inextricably linked to scents and flavors that when we are reacquainted with instantly transport us to meals shared long ago. A few years back my husband and I published a cookbook with a family friend who had operated a popular restaurant in my home town. When I approached her about the idea she said she would do it as long as we made it as much of a memoir as a cookbook. The process introduced me to the satisfying world of food writing and I was eager to continue when our project was completed.

I was delighted when I discovered an opportunity to work with the marvelous Culinary Nutritionist and Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Sue Ann Gleason. Building a basket for my own ’slices and snippets’ of story through her course titled The Luscious Legacy Project opened me up to a whole new level of creative expression. Her gentle guidance and heartfelt passion for food writing is rivaled only by her warm personality and her beautiful capacity for deeply facilitating a group. Through the process of assignments I have compiled a lifetime worth of material to extrapolate from already! There is just so much richness in the memories surrounding food and family. I loved the course so much I took it twice, in fact!

Celebrating my 6th Birthday!
Celebrating my 6th Birthday!

There is so much more to this course than writing down recipes, but if one finds their inspiration this way then by all means it is more than appropriate. What I discovered is that my memories of certain dishes served as a portal to more flavorful storytelling. I want to preserve my signature dishes in writing, to be sure, but I am more motivated to record the events that inspired their creation in the first place. For me, food writing serves as the nexus of history, creativity, family and legacy. In my home growing up food was the backdrop of every event and now that my beloved parents are no longer alive I write to honor their memory and to celebrate the traditions they passed on to me.

Sue Ann is offering the Luscious Legacy Project course only once in 2016 and it begins on January, 31st. If you feel inspired to build your own basket and stock it with your stories I couldn’t recommend this course, or the opportunity to work with Sue Ann, more highly! I want you to have this experience so much that Sue Ann and I are offering my readers a discount of $47 off of the $297.00 course price if you use the code BEEAWRITER when registering. Don't delay, sign up today!


I never tire of seeing this

I never tire of seeing this photo. It feels, to me, like a Norman Rockwell painting. And the stories, oh the stories. Thank you for being such a gorgeous presence in my life and in this project, Erin.

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