This online course will present a variety of delightful options to help you craft a perfect Imbolc observation for 2018! Known as a day sacred to the Goddess Brighid who is the patron of both the forge and the well, it is a time to honor the special alchemical transformation of the melting ice and the budding spring.

Imbolc happens to be my very favorite holiday in the wheel and I have a treasure trove of delightful feasts, rituals and spells to mark the beginning of Spring in the Celtic calendar! I am so looking forward to sharing this wisdom with other women who are ready to initiate themselves into their chosen work for 2018. Gather with other sisters as we identify and bless what we will Heal, Build and Inspire in the year to come.


The course will consist of:

Five content rich emails that will include journal prompts, meditations, ritual and feast suggestions, recipes and much more!


Three Video Lessons detailing the spiritual and astrological significance of Imbolcin 2018 and how to incorporate this wisdom into your personal ritual preparation.


An active Facebook group to ask questions and share experience with a group of soulful, like-minded sisters. Including a LIVE Q & A session on January 30th.

Price: $44.00