Introducing Wise Women Conversations & my first guest Carrie Jordan

I am blessed by wise and generous women in my life. We have forged our friendships in some of the truest and most humble ways I've witnessed. If I need guidance, or if I'm sensing a blind spot in myself I know there is a sister friend available to help me unravel my stuff, just as I am available for her when she is in need. 2017 has brought with it more uncertainty, more questions and many more opportunities to examine blind spots. I started having frequent conversations with my wise women. Somewhere along the line I realized that if I was garnering strength from their wisdom, and helping them find clarity through the process as well, that maybe together we could work to disseminate more wisdom, farther and faster. Hopeful that we could cut a wider swath of understanding by bringing our conversations to one another's audience and in the spirit of open discourse see what would emerge from our talks, this series was born.  

My first guest is a dynamic leader and truly beautiful soul who has inspired me for years, Carrie Jordan from The Rise Collective. Carrie and I became acquainted through shamanic training work in Soullodge with my teacher, Pixie Lighthorse. We cemented our friendship a few years ago on a Skype call that arose out of our mutual desire to honor our Irish ancestry and mourn the sadness we experience on St. Patrick's day in a way that looked different than  the typical American fashion. From that call a journey of ancestral healing began for me, one that I continue to this day.

Carrie and I sat down about a month ago to have a conversation centering around the cultural wounds of the United States and how the shamanic techniques we use in healing work could be applied not only to ourselves, but perhaps also to the nation. We recorded shortly after the events in Charlottesville and then came hurricanes and fires and earthquakes so I waited for the noise to settle some before I wanted to share this video. The relenting pace of events both environmental and geo-political has simply not let up, nor does it appear like that is in the forecast. Just as I was preparing this video for publication the tragic events in Las Vegas were unfolding and while we don't specifically address this type of violence in our conversation, it is indicative of the larger symptoms of unhealed wounds in our culture that we do discuss. Wise Women Conversations are needed now more than ever.




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