The Wheel Turns :: Ostara

Ushered in on easterly winds, Ostara heralds the spring equinox. Mother earth stirs to life and we awaken, too. This is the astrological new year and wise ones know to plant the seed intentions they've been saving since Imbolc until now. By harnessing the firey energy of Sun in Aries we set the spark of life to that which we wish to plant in our lives, both literally and figuratively. This is the place of the dawn, where all things are possible. We honor innocence and beginnings and are rewarded with fertility and abundance. Witness the power of creation. 

Light floods into our windows earlier each day and recedes a little later every evening until the balance of day and night is equal. The mid-point of spring asks us to examine how well we are carrying our load. From this point forward on the wheel of the year the light and activity will increase, peaking in three months at mid-summer. This is planting time and we must make use of daylight hours to manifest that which we seek to grow this year. If we've been dreaming and scheming this is a most welcome time to be putting plans in motion. If not, better shake a leg and shake off what remains of winter's stupor! 


Potential abounds at Ostara. The pace of life quickens and possibilities begin to expand. It can be intoxicating. To use a gardening metaphor,we must be careful not to plant too many things too close together. In life this means pick and choose carefully what you would like to manifest in the cycle of the seasons ahead. Survey your resources, set your course then sail away on the journey of a new year with confidence! 


Think of Ostara an incredibly powerful time for wish making. Each seed you plant and every hope you light a candle for feels destined to thrive. Calling in the fecund energy of Ostara to bless my life, my family, my tribe and my world brings to mind the purity of innocence and the power of child like imagination. By turning the dark lessons of the past into compost which will nurture our future dreams, we face our lives with renewed hope for what may come in the turning of a new year. Humans are beautifully resilient that way.