Welcome to the Sugar Plum Society ~ You Are Gonna Like it Here!

Welcome ~ I am so glad you stopped by! I hope you'll pardon my saying so, but you look like you could use a few enchanted moments to yourself before stepping back out there into the merry melee. You have found yourself in exactly the right place because here, at the Sugar Plum Society we specialize in soulful strategies for a saner season!

Do visions of a simpler holiday dance in your head? Are you longing to recapture the special magic of the season, but magic sounds about like the last thing that you’ll be putting on your holiday "get-to-do list?" Let me guess, that list is already giving you a rummy-tum-tum (not to even mention the rooty toot toots!) These are just a few of the reasons I call this delightfully demanding time of year "The Holidaze," but I got you, babe! I really do.

The Sugar Plum Society was founded with the busy Elf (that's you!) in mind. Hey, I totally believe that you've been vowing to scale back on all the EXTRA that can often accompany the holidays. And I understand that somehow despite your best intentions you still manage to over-do or under estimate. Been there, done that. So here’s a pro-tip, start with your destination in mind and work your way backwards. I know you really want to amplify the wonder and light (that magic of the season we were talking about before) all you’ve got to do is straighten out your priorities.

Do not fret one more light fading minute because I am here to help you do all of that and SO MUCH MORE! As my gift to you the entire month of DECEMBER I will be sharing decades worth of tried and true methods for getting the most out of the most wonderful time of the year! I am so excited to share my tips and tricks galore for mapping out strategies to glide through the hectic (but also hella amazing) month of December with the ease and grace of an Ice Queen on skates. We're also going to be prioritizing Preserving Your Inner PEACE at like, the TOP of the list. As I recall that seems to be a kind of a really important part of the season.

So hop on over right now to join the Facebook group where I'll be dropping fresh pearls of wintery wisdom throughout all of December! I've got you covered from the magical to the mundane. We are going to rock the around the Christmas tree, alright! 

Teaching the Wheel of the Year and leading a nature based spiritual life is my.whole.jam. I could not be happier about having you here in this fun little fairy mound that is only a buzz during this special season! Throughout the rest of the year I can be found at The Telling of the Bees where I muse about the inherent wisdom in the Wheel. Essentially, blogging and Podcasting about all things related to loving and living this lifestyle. When I’m not occupied with all that jazz I can probably be found at my other job as a spiritual healer at Wild Rose Earth Medicine Practice where I help my clients locate the keys that will unlock the birthright of their natural wisdom.

Once again, a very warm welcome to you into this cheerful place! Please DO Invite some friends to join us, after all this is THE season of hospitality and everything is better with our peeps! Open hearted (and minded!) individuals who are also seeking a soulful season are welcome in this space. There are dozens of faith traditions keeping holidays and holding celebrations during the month of December. Whatever your beliefs, or if you subscribe to none, I certainly hope we can all agree that what makes this season the most special happens inside of unpredictable and fleeting precious moments, not the hustle and bustle. But we won’t notice them if we’re wiping out in the city sidewalks! Again, That is where The Sugar Plum Society is going to be your best holiday friend ~ unlike that Elf on a Shelf, know what I’m sayin!


​Your Hostess,

Erin Duffy Osswald                      

Wild Rose Earth Medicine Practice

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