• Practice Makes Pearfect ~ An Imperfectly Perfect Imbolc

    I thought this was a perfect late winter dessert. The snowy white pear contrasted with toasty brown nuts brought to mind Brighid’s sacred forge and the watery anise flavor reminded me of the healing waters of her holy well. Imbolc means “In the belly” and referred to the beginning of calving season making this is the holiday to celebrate the creamy goodness of dairy. And there you have it. This is a perfect example of how the mundane can be made magical if one is walking the path of devotion and reverence. Not all of our rituals are elaborate. They don’t always take place inside of a sacred circle. Sometimes they happen standing in front of your pantry in a moment of divine inspiration! Read more... about Practice Makes Pearfect ~ An Imperfectly Perfect Imbolc

  • Welcome to the Sugar Plum Society ~ You Are Gonna Like it Here!

    You guys, I am just going to be honest- I am changing my ways! Maybe it was the early snowfall? Maybe it's the fact that the actual history of Thanksgiving is beyond effed up and I kinda quit celebrating it a while ago? Maybe I am just longing for some magical holiday sprinkles? It doesn't really matter why, because I am going right ahead and decking the halls from here forward in flagrant violation of my lifelong "No holiday shiz before the 1st of December" policy.  Enter the Sugar Plum Society! Do visions of a simpler holiday dance in your head? Are you longing to recapture the special magic of the season, but magic sounds about like the last thing that you’ll be putting on your holiday "get-to-do list?" Let me guess, that list is already giving you a rummy-tum-tum (not to even mention the rooty toot toots!) These are just a few of the reasons I call this delightfully demanding time of year "The Holidaze," but I got you, babe! I really do.   Read more... about Welcome to the Sugar Plum Society ~ You Are Gonna Like it Here!

  • Talking to the Dead

    Compared to most people my age I’ve got a lot of dead relatives. When one stops to consider all of the ancestors who have come before them, everyone does. It’s just that mine are more immediate to my generation. By the age of 36 I’d already buried both of my parents... Read more... about Talking to the Dead

  • Winnowing the Kernels of Truth

    The time for harvest is upon us and our yield does not lie. The truth of our labors will out. Always. Spiritually speaking, what we planted at Imbolc will be ready for us to receive soon if our intentions grew and bore fruits of manifestation. A subtle urgency has crept into the edges of my leisurely summer pace. There is work to do even to get the most out of the playtime left during the longest days of the year. A chill in the late evening air dutifully reminds me the Summer is coming to a close and it's sweet easy living with it.  Read more... about Winnowing the Kernels of Truth

  • Beltane :: The Time is Now!

    We were anointed with rose oil and asked if we were prepared to enter the circle. Once we answered we passed through the ribbons and into sacred space. There were branches laid out in a circle around the fire pit, one for each of us and we were instructed to stand behind the branch of our choosing. As soon as I took my place I was overcome with emotion. Surveying the scene: the pink sunset; the bend in the creek; and my beautiful circle sisters and brothers. I welled up with joyful tears. Read more... about Beltane :: The Time is Now!

  • The Magic of Fertility at Ostara

    Observing Ostara couldn’t come more naturally than by living a natural lifestyle, itself. If you plant a garden, you are honoring the vernal equinox. If you dye eggs for mythical Hares to hide away then you are honoring the Germanic Goddess, Ēostre or Ostara. Magic is simply focused intention. Say a prayer over your seeds as you plant them, not only for their successful growth, but for the successful growth, health, fruitfulness, etc. of any endeavor you wish to bless. Poof! That’s magic. Read more... about The Magic of Fertility at Ostara

  • A Poets Dinner

    In celebration of Imbolc and the spirit of inspiration my husband and I like to host an annual Poets dinner. We set a lavish tablescape, plan a fanciful menu and tell our friends to show up with “Words and Wine.” Last year our little gang really stepped up their game and exposed stunning wild beauty when I asked them all to recite from their favorite works after dinner. It was raw, true, sexy, free, at times hilarious and dare I say, even rebellious. People can be so amazing when we let them. Read more... about A Poets Dinner

  • The Wheel Turns :: Ostara

    Ushered in on easterly winds, Ostara heralds the spring equinox. Mother earth stirs to life and we awaken, too. This is the astrological new year and wise ones know to plant the seed intentions they've been saving since Imbolc until now. By harnessing the firey energy of Sun in Aries we set the spark of life to that which we wish to plant in our lives, both literally and figuratively. This is the place of the dawn, where all things are possible. We honor innocence and beginnings and are rewarded with fertility and abundance. Witness the power of creation. Read more... about The Wheel Turns :: Ostara

  • Imbolc ~ Surrender to Devotion

    Every midwinter I eagerly await the cross-quarter Celtic holiday, Imbolc. So sweetly do I cherish it's treasured Goddess, Brighid for her promise of springtime and the miracle of her restorative power. She is the magic of white space after the swell of Yuletide has receded. Her presence is announced by the flutter of inspiration in our bellies as we set forth our intentions for the coming year. We sit at her feet while perusing seed catalogs, visioning the future gardens of our souls, as much as any other kind of gardens we can dream of at this time of year. Read more... about Imbolc ~ Surrender to Devotion

  • At Yule the Gifts are in the Giving!

    The magic we talk about craving at this time of year is not as elusive as it can seem, but we cannot sit passively by and expect to feel it. It must be invoked with wishes, dreams and traditions. It comes to us through the selfless acts of remembering others with thoughtful consideration. It IS better to give than to receive. How have we come to call this the season of light when the night is as long as ever? Because it is the love light of our hearts that illuminates the darkest days.  Read more... about At Yule the Gifts are in the Giving!