This comprehensive service includes an hour long consultation discussing the issue you wish to transform, as well as a conversation around any allies you are already working with. Together we will decide upon the course of action that will best suit your needs and your personalized ritual will begin to take shape. I will then take a shamanic journey on your behalf and with the assistance of my guides I will learn more about how best to serve your needs. Your custom ritual is then completed incorporating the medicine and information I am given in journey. A medicine pouch containing all of the elements required to conduct your ritual will then be delivered to you and with my guidance you will undertake the sacred work of completing the ritual. This service includes a forty five minute follow up session afterward to interpret how the magic is unfolding. Remote sessions are conducted by utilizing a variety of technologies allowing the greatest of ease for clients to participate wherever they reside on the globe. Designing transformational sacred experiences for my clients is my sincere honor and privilege. It is also my very favorite offering of all the services I provide!

Price: $190.00