Cleaning, Cleansing & Clearing, known as the “Three C’s” and the foundation of my Earth Medicine training and practice.

I work on the unseen energy in and surrounding your home, the land, the people residing on the land (past, present and future) to broker peace exchanges and create harmonious living environments for the inhabitants in this time-space continuum. In plain talk that means, I strive to create an atmosphere attuned to the energy you like most, with the kind of interaction you prefer (or not) with the inter-dimensional beings among us. Energy clearing is a subtle art and wholesale removal of it also means taking away the charge on things that you’ve worked towards building, or wish to preserve. I journey to your space before I work on it physically (and before I will contractually agree to work on it, see my retainer policy*) to understand the parameters of each individual job. After my shamanic assessment, if I determine that I’m the best person for the task, I will design and implement a space clearing and blessing plan created specifically for you.

I believe your home is your sanctuary and it’s the details, including the energetic signature, that truly make a space warm and welcoming. The demands of the modern world require stronger boundaries than ever to preserve the precious peace inside our homes. My toolkit contains a unique combination of psychic healing, shamanic techniques, earth medicine practices and Feng Shui for my particular style of housework. I am eager to assist you in clearing energetic clutter and restoring a relaxing environment in your home today!


Approximately $75.00 per floor, $125.00 minimum charge.

*This purchase is for a $50.00 non-refundable deposit/retainer which includes my shamanic journey and initial assessment.

Price: $50.00