Word to the Wise Annual All Access Pass

You're in it to win it and you want it all!

Congratulations! You have just landed in the celestial support group of your dreams! This is your all access pass to my Lunar and Solar circles plus access to your very own personal monthly 45 minute spiritual guidance session with me for 12 months! 

Silver Apples of the Moon

Each month as a member of the Lunar circle you will receive a series of 3 emails over the three days of the Dark Moon and again over the three days of the Full Moon. Email prompts will guide you through the three day portal of the new and full moons as you craft your own personal observations and rituals. These emails contain ideas for altar building, astrological analysis, audio recordings, journal prompts, ritual outlines and more! You will have unlimited access to the secret online sanctuary in our Facebook group, The Selenites.

Golden Apples of the Sun

Every six weeks the Solar circle will gather to plan and prepare for observing each of the eight sacred holidays in the Wheel of the Year. Participants will be guided through my unique process for crafting their own custom rituals and celebrations. I will present baskets of wisdom, decades of research and time tested options in a special online container designed to guide you in outlining and creating your own personalized holiday celebrations and ceremonies.  You will recieve five content rich emails that will include journal prompts, meditations, ritual and feast suggestions, downloadable files, recipes and much more! Also included are three Video Lessons detailing the spiritual and astrological significance of each Holiday and how to incorporate this wisdom into your personal ritual preparation. You will have unlimited access to the secret online sanctuary in our Facebook group, The Heliocentrix.

Monthly Guidance Video Calls

 One monthly spiritual guidance session with me working with me individually as you undertake a full rotation of lunar and solar devotionals. Charting your progress as the year unfolds, together we will decide which goals are best for you to tend and which goals are better for you to release as your resources shift through their inevitable adjustments. As your guide, I will see you safely through to the end of your journey with plenty of magic and protection. When you say yes to this level you are embarking on the quest of a lifetime! 

Regular Email Contact

I want to be available to Word to the Wise devotees as we will be working closely together crafting a magical plan for your individual goals and desires. Participants are encouraged to email me with insights, questions, ideas, etc. as the work and medicine unfold in your life. 

Payment Plan Available

Monthly payments of $55.00 for a period of one year are available for participants needing assistance financing their spiritual development plan. Please use THIS LINK to purchase that option.

Space is Limited! Secure Your Session!

Participation is limited to 13 participants at any given time. Lunar and Solar rotations will be concluding at different times and openings will become available on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list and notified of upcoming openings please get in touch with me through my contact form on this website!

There are currently 13 available openings! Join us today!


Price: $555.00