Something beautiful happens when women gather together in the spirit of sisterhood to witness one another, they blossom fully into their lives with confidence. We gather weekly inside of sacred space to honor one another wherever we may be on our journey, to support each other through our unique transformations and to raise joyful celebrations for those special moments when life is especially sweet.

I facilitate all of my circles with important communication guidelines designed to foster trust and respect. We witness one another without judgment and with the highest standards of integrity. We ask for advice only if we need it and refrain from giving it without solicitation. A saying of my teacher and sister of my heart, Pixie Lighthorse is to "know what we need and ask for what we want." Trusting the dignity of this process to unfold, we expand both our graciousness and our courage. Learning and practicing this level of authenticity and integrity in communication is exhilarating! 

The Women are circling!! Current 2018 Circle Offerings listed below! Registration is now Open! Click on the Links below to learn more! 

  • Join the Silver Apples of the Moon, a thirteen month online devotional circle. We observe the lunar cycle as it waxes through all of it's phases from new to full, and back to new again. As we reclaim our birthright of natural wisdom using the same calendar our ancestors followed we find an elegant balance of primal rhythm setting a healthier pace for modern living. I guide our circle by utilizing a variety of digital platforms including a series of three emails sent straight to your inbox at the portal of each new and full moon; Facebook live Q & A on the quarter moons; active moderation and participation in our private Facebook group, The Selenites. You will receive prompts for journaling, laying your altars, guidance for working through your personal magical objectives, as well as periodical supplemental materials designed to enhance your experience. 

  • Ready to dive into an inspirational, educational and magical exploration of the eight solar holidays on the Celtic wheel of the year? The Golden Apples of the Sun circle is my online subscription course that takes you through the steps of preparing for both your solar ceremonies and celebrations! Ten intensive days of prompts, videos, audio recordings, feast and ritual outlines and much, much more! Emails begin arriving a few days before each holiday and for over a week afterwards. We meet in our secret Facebook group, The Heliocentrix.

  • You are on a path of spiritual devotion looking for a well seasoned traveler to pass along the hidden gems. My most intensive online circle, Word to the Wise will grant you a full access annual pass into my Lunar and Solar devotion circles (see above) as well as, a monthly spiritual guidance session working with me individually as you undertake a full year of lunar and solar devotionals, personal healing, manifesting your magic and honoring the grand symphony of natural cycles. Charting your progress as the year unfolds, together we will decide which goals are best for you to tend and which goals are better for you to release as your resources shift through their inevitable adjustments. As your guide, I will see you safely through to the end of your journey. When you say yes to this circle you are embarking on the quest of a lifetime!

  • Curious to see how I lead circle? Would you like to get a sense of my style? Looking for online sisterhood? Curious about the moon and her mysterious cycles? I've got just the group for you (and it's free!)

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