WILD ROSE EARTH MEDICINE ~ Services and Products

Welcome to my store! Here you will find an array of intentionally crafted tools to assist you on your spiritual journey. Each and every item for sale here has been lovingly created to honor the earth, it’s cycles and it’s divine dance with the cosmos.

Herbs utilized in the construction of my products have been grown with care in my garden. Feathers and bones used to craft ceremonial objects are all medicine that have found their way to me in the wild. Crystals and stones used here are predominantly found in nature by me or my family.

I live and work under the Big Sky of majestic Montana and I am very proud to call this great state home. I welcome custom orders and encourage you to contact me to discuss your specific needs. Due to the unique nature of my processes and the materials I use, no two pieces are identical, but existing work can serve as a template for your one of a kind object.