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Autumn's showy display and golden sunlight nearly knock me out with their beauty on a daily basis. Crisp air and creeping melancholy add mystery to the lengthening evenings. Old cycles come to their conclusion just as flowers on the vine to their fruition. We are between the worlds in October and the transition is magical, indeed. Read more... about #JoyRide

Food Philosophy

It's an exciting time to be a food enthusiast in America. The last decade has seen a gorgeous renaissance in our cultural approach to food. In the pacific northwest locally produced, seasonal produce is de rigeuer for any restaurant worth their salt. Home cooks overwhelmingly take the same approach.  Read more... about Food Philosophy

History of a Home Cook Part 1

Food is integral to our lives, it is necessary for survival, both a blessing and a bane. I was raised by two wonderful cooks, who associated with other wonderful cooks and therefore my culinary experience growing up was rather extraordinary. I admit that as an adult I often still wish I could be the recipient of all of that wonderful cuisine, Read more... about History of a Home Cook Part 1