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Inspired By

I'm inspired to be online and I'm inspired to get off line, too. It's all about intentions and quality of time. If I'm online I want it to be worth the time I'm taking away from MAKING, MOVING, COOKING, DOING.... So, more 3-D and less Wi-Fi. I mean, come on, that baked, gf penne made with sauce from the last of the season's home grown tomatoes is not going to fix itself! Read more... about Inspired By

Harvest Festival

On a perfect Saturday evening in early September, we gathered together a dynamic group of friends to enjoy a feast inspired by the garden plot. Gorgeous weather, lively company, an abundant atmosphere, delicious food and inventive drinks made for such an enchanting evening. I will be warming myself with memories of this celebration in the chilly winter months ahead! Read more... about Harvest Festival


Autumn's showy display and golden sunlight nearly knock me out with their beauty on a daily basis. Crisp air and creeping melancholy add mystery to the lengthening evenings. Old cycles come to their conclusion just as flowers on the vine to their fruition. We are between the worlds in October and the transition is magical, indeed. Read more... about #JoyRide