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Talking to the Dead

Compared to most people my age I’ve got a lot of dead relatives. When one stops to consider all of the ancestors who have come before them, everyone does. It’s just that mine are more immediate to my generation. By the age of 36 I’d already buried both of my parents... Read more... about Talking to the Dead

Wise Women Conversations & My First Guest, Carrie Jordan

2017 has brought with it more uncertainty, more questions and many more opportunities to examine our own blind spots. Searching for answers, I started having frequent conversations with my sister wise women. Somewhere along the line I realized that if I was garnering strength from their wisdom, and helping them also find clarity through the process, then maybe we could work together to disseminate more wisdom, farther and faster. From that heartfelt desire, The Wise Women Conversation series was born. Carrie Jordan from The Rise Collective joins me for the first installment to discuss our spiritual paths, ancestral healing and how we're showing up in 'interesting times." Read more... about Wise Women Conversations & My First Guest, Carrie Jordan

Winnowing the Kernels of Truth

The time for harvest is upon us and our yield does not lie. The truth of our labors will out. Always. Spiritually speaking, what we planted at Imbolc will be ready for us to receive soon if our intentions grew and bore fruits of manifestation. A subtle urgency has crept into the edges of my leisurely summer pace. There is work to do even to get the most out of the playtime left during the longest days of the year. A chill in the late evening air dutifully reminds me the Summer is coming to a close and it's sweet easy living with it.  Read more... about Winnowing the Kernels of Truth

Calling the Circle : Witness

Give voice to what is on your heart and mind in a supportive environment of women who come together for the purpose of lifting one another up on the road of life. Ultimately, we are all just walking each other home as Ram Dass says. The Witness circle is a check-in style circle which serves as a place for you to be seen and heard in a compassionate environment. We honor both the shadow and light inside us all. Read more... about Calling the Circle : Witness

Beltane :: The Time is Now!

We were anointed with rose oil and asked if we were prepared to enter the circle. Once we answered we passed through the ribbons and into sacred space. There were branches laid out in a circle around the fire pit, one for each of us and we were instructed to stand behind the branch of our choosing. As soon as I took my place I was overcome with emotion. Surveying the scene: the pink sunset; the bend in the creek; and my beautiful circle sisters and brothers. I welled up with joyful tears. Read more... about Beltane :: The Time is Now!