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In Memoriam: Clio Catra, Queen of the Wild Frontier

Warning! Hyperbolic memorial post by crazy cat lady. Do not click unless you want to read a 2000 word essay on the life and death of a most beloved tabby cat! We said goodbye to our Clio kitty two weeks ago. She was named after the muse of history and for a kitten born to a couple of lower north side strays, the story of her life takes her far beyond her humble beginnings on the corner of 4th and 4th north. Clio was a cat who definitely used up her nine lives over 18 amazing years. Read more... about In Memoriam: Clio Catra, Queen of the Wild Frontier

Fenell and Citrus Confetti Salad

Something about citrus season makes me believe in a benevolent universe. During the coldest and darkest months the steady ripening of oranges, lemons, clementines and the like into tiny packets of sunshine serves as the perfect antidote to winter. We paired this salad with a pork shoulder roast encrusted in garlic, rosemary and thyme and a side of perfectly roasted baby potatoes. Oh! And Prosecco. Always Prosecco. A lovely and low key Valentines dinner!  Read more... about Fenell and Citrus Confetti Salad

An Enduring Love

Falling in love is largely a chemical reaction, a luscious, glorious, blissful reaction that can last anywhere from 16 to 18 months. Staying in love, however is a conscious choice because once the love drugs have worn off what is revealed is a true prognosis of the relationship. Our bond has grown more nuanced through hard won victories of remaining connected and committed to growing both as individuals and as a couple. Read more... about An Enduring Love

A Poets Dinner

In celebration of Imbolc and the spirit of inspiration my husband and I like to host an annual Poets dinner. We set a lavish tablescape, plan a fanciful menu and tell our friends to show up with “Words and Wine.” Last year our little gang really stepped up their game and exposed stunning wild beauty when I asked them all to recite from their favorite works after dinner. It was raw, true, sexy, free, at times hilarious and dare I say, even rebellious. People can be so amazing when we let them. Read more... about A Poets Dinner