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Practice Makes Pearfect ~ An Imperfectly Perfect Imbolc

I thought this was a perfect late winter dessert. The snowy white pear contrasted with toasty brown nuts brought to mind Brighid’s sacred forge and the watery anise flavor reminded me of the healing waters of her holy well. Imbolc means “In the belly” and referred to the beginning of calving season making this is the holiday to celebrate the creamy goodness of dairy. And there you have it. This is a perfect example of how the mundane can be made magical if one is walking the path of devotion and reverence. Not all of our rituals are elaborate. They don’t always take place inside of a sacred circle. Sometimes they happen standing in front of your pantry in a moment of divine inspiration! Read more... about Practice Makes Pearfect ~ An Imperfectly Perfect Imbolc

Wise Women Conversations :: Navigating Grief with Cathering Beerda Basso

I sat down with my dear friend and Earth Medicine School cohort, Catherine Beerda-Basso for a conversation around the topic of grief to share our thoughts on this important subject and also to illustrate some of the ways we have both navigated loss. Catherine and I have both experienced the deaths of significant loved ones in our life, as well as the loss of hopes and dreams for our lives. For us, shrinking from the pain and avoiding the grieving process wasn't the right choice. Embracing our pain and journeying into recovery wasn't an easy choice either, but one we are committed to as individuals who are here to experience ALL that our human lives offer us. Read more... about Wise Women Conversations :: Navigating Grief with Cathering Beerda Basso

Welcome to the Sugar Plum Society ~ You Are Gonna Like it Here!

You guys, I am just going to be honest- I am changing my ways! Maybe it was the early snowfall? Maybe it's the fact that the actual history of Thanksgiving is beyond effed up and I kinda quit celebrating it a while ago? Maybe I am just longing for some magical holiday sprinkles? It doesn't really matter why, because I am going right ahead and decking the halls from here forward in flagrant violation of my lifelong "No holiday shiz before the 1st of December" policy.  Enter the Sugar Plum Society! Do visions of a simpler holiday dance in your head? Are you longing to recapture the special magic of the season, but magic sounds about like the last thing that you’ll be putting on your holiday "get-to-do list?" Let me guess, that list is already giving you a rummy-tum-tum (not to even mention the rooty toot toots!) These are just a few of the reasons I call this delightfully demanding time of year "The Holidaze," but I got you, babe! I really do.   Read more... about Welcome to the Sugar Plum Society ~ You Are Gonna Like it Here!

Scorpio New Moon :: Life. Death. Rebirth

Opening ourselves to the mysteries of Scorpio's lessons is to enter into the portal of life, death and rebirth, but are you brave enough to descend into the underworld? In today's podcast I make a pretty compelling argument that it is SO worth it to go in deep to gather the gems of wisdom in the mystery school of Scorpio. In life we must take the bitter with the sweet, but it's the way we approach our lessons that makes taking our medicine more or less unpleasant. There is much to be learned about this paradoxical process from the wisdom of Scorpio.  Read more... about Scorpio New Moon :: Life. Death. Rebirth

Leo Quarter Moon :: Letting Go With the Waning Flow

Are you experiencing burnout? Feeling a little brittle at the end of a busy week? Currently the astro energy is especially conducive to helping us let go of shadow Leo tendencies. Today's podcast encourages you to commit to clearing with ease, that which no longer serves you. Maybe you're feeling fit as a fiddle and ready to tackle a big project like cleaning the garage (go for it!) or maybe it's all you can do to muster the strength required to put one foot in front of the other (I feel you), but if you can consciously make some space (let go) you'll be rewarded by that preparation work! Energy can be low in the waning so be gentle, but do take advantage of the waning tide!

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