Erin Duffy Osswald is a creatrix practicing the healing and fine arts. She leads sacred circles, celebrates rites of passage and guides personal spiritual metamorphosis. She is a ceremonialist specializing in Earth Medicine Practice.

erin duffy osswald earth medicine practitioner

Welcome to The Telling of the Bees and the online home of Wild Rose Earth Medicine Practice. You have arrived at my digital apothecary and healing parlor, please nestle in for the journey! This is where I muse about the inherent wisdom in the wheel of the year and I teach you to discover how sweet life can be when seasons set the pace!

In addition to my podcast, "Practical Magic For Interesting Times" and my video series featuring Wise Women Conversations with my cohorts in magic, you will also find my full array of spiritual healing services and products listed here. Follow the links below to unlock more details!  

Become reacquainted with your birthright of natural wisdom...

Working with me you will learn a new kind of shadow dance that sweetly calls for you to embrace the wounds of your soul in order to transform them. Be empowered when you locate your spirit medicine and learn how to use it.

It is my sacred privilege to co-create and officiate rituals and ceremonies in ways that honor your soul and it's unique song. Centering around your vision, I will create elegant celebrations to commemorate your milestones and important events.


Welcome to the Sugar Plum Society ~ You Are Gonna Like it Here!

You guys, I am just going to be honest- I am changing my ways! Maybe it was the early snowfall? Maybe it's the fact that the actual history of Thanksgiving is beyond effed up and I kinda quit celebrating it a while ago? Maybe I am just longing for some magical holiday sprinkles? It doesn't really matter why, because I am going right ahead and decking the halls from here forward in flagrant violation of my lifelong "No holiday shiz before the 1st of December" policy.  Enter the Sugar Plum Society! Do visions of a simpler holiday dance in your head? Are you longing to recapture the special magic of the season, but magic sounds about like the last thing that you’ll be putting on your holiday "get-to-do list?" Let me guess, that list is already giving you a rummy-tum-tum (not to even mention the rooty toot toots!) These are just a few of the reasons I call this delightfully demanding time of year "The Holidaze," but I got you, babe! I really do.   Read more... about Welcome to the Sugar Plum Society ~ You Are Gonna Like it Here!